Fish Report

The Eastern Sierra has enjoyed some beautiful weather the last few weeks. Lots of days in shorts and flip flops!

Forecasts for peak flows are looking like the first two weeks of June.

Fly fishing has been steady at Crowley. I’ve been in 18’ at Alligator Point and 16’ in McGee. The typical albino large in the am then switching to grey as the sun gets high.

I have been guiding the Upper Owens and Hot Creek as well

Here are some thoughts on fishing high & dirty water:

Use Red

Pay attention to water temps. Look for the 50° – 55°. This is where the trout are most active as their metabolism is ravenous.

High Water = Big Trout. Identify at least a 3-day period where the river is at its high water mark. A few days is adequate to allow the trout to adjust to the new levels. High & dirty water produce more food and offer better protection lies. Big trout will move into holding and feeding grounds.

Use big visible flies for best results.

Consider swinging streamers with a sink tip line. 8’ to 10’ sinking heads are perfect for our area.



Get up here and enjoy the beautiful Eastern Sierra.



Cog MacNeil

Fly Fishing Guide

Mammoth Lakes, CA.