Guide Trips

1 Anglers 2  Anglers 3 Anglers Additional Anglers
Beginner Trip $290 $360 $70
Half Day Trip – 5 Full Hours $300 $340 $410 n/a 
Full Day Trip – 8 Full Hours $400 $450 $560 n/a

Trips are all-inclusive. I provide the equipment, flies and terminal tackle. See the WHAT TO BRING list for details. Lunch is provided on full day trips.


The Beginner Trip is tailored to introducing the sport of fly fishing to individuals, small groups or families. The trip is designed to give you the basic tools to get out on your own and catch a fish on the fly.

The day begins with a casting clinic in the park. Away from the distractions of the stream, we focus on the mechanics of the cast and develop proper habits for getting the fish to the net. Time will be spent practicing the over-head cast and roll cast; setting the hook; playing the fish; and netting the fish.

We then move to the stream. Topics include: Rigging – how we set up our fly rod for different applications with dry flies, nymphs or streamers; Entomology – how our fly box corresponds to the aquatic insects in and around the stream; Reading the Water – how to find the trout in the stream.

While fishing, we develop our cast and focus on our presentation of the flies, i.e.: the Drift. This is the most important part of your success as an angler. Getting the flies to move through the water as naturally as possible – as though they’re not attached to a string.

By the end of the trip it is my goal to have catered the experience to your individual expectations. Opening a new door for you to find a passion for stalking trout on awesome Eastern Sierra mountain streams.


My half and full day trips are catered to you.  Upon booking we discuss your goals for that particular day. I am your personal coach for the trip as well as your local knowledge.

Do you want to work on the roll cast and nymphing strategies?

Should we target dry fly waters?

Maybe catch on a dry, a nymph and a streamer all in one day?

How about fishing a spring creek? Freestone? Tailwater?

Still water in the morning and stream in the afternoon?

Should we stalk rainbow, brown, brook and golden?

You get my drift…it’s your day.

Keep in mind that we will talk a couple days before the trip for the most up to date conditions in order to compliment your goals with what is fishing best.